What to Expect?  If this is your first massage and you are a little nervous-relax. I will walk you through it from start to finish

The start...Try to arrive 10 to 15 minutes before your massage session is scheduled to start.  This will give you time to complete the medical history intake form and for a consultation. You are shown to the massage room.  The consultation will take place inside the massage room for privacy.  

For Sports Therapy..  you normally remain dressed.  It is recommended that you either wear or bring with you gym shorts, sweat pants or something comfortable and loose fitting giving you freedom to move comfortably. During stretching and/or orthopedic we normally start by a few simple movements to see exactly where the discomfort is and what is causing it.  Then we warm the muscle groups involved with a variety of soft tissue modalities - then on to stretching. A cream or warming lotion might be used on skin to prevent pulling of the skin. 

During a deep tissue massage you are undressed to your level of comfort.  You are draped with the sheet at all times with exception to the part of the body being treated is uncovered at any given time.   Broad strokes are used to warm the tissue then mild to deep pressure is gradually applied not to cause pain.  I use a odorless cream for those of you with allergies.  The cream on the skin allows for a smooth flow of pressure.  

NOTE:Some people may experience mild temporary aching or soreness the day after.  So don't forget to hydrate - before & after a massage -drinking before hydrates the muscles and after massage help to flush toxins out.  This will assist in reduced aching & soreness.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD): you are undressed as with deep tissue.  There is very little pressure for MLD therapy because you are working with the lymphatic system.  
NOTE: Due to the contraindications a doctors permission may be required before receiving MLD.

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