Client Experiences...

Renne Johnson - Very relaxing atmosphere -- GREAT MASSAGE! 2/4/16

Joy S. Woods - Roxanne is amazing! This was my first visit and she really took time on the front end to get an understanding of my issues and expectations. The massage therapy and stretching exercises were very focused on my needs. I highly recommend! 1/28/16

Reava PotterBeing able to identify the problem areas and focus on them. 11/10/15

Marcelle Steyn-One of the best massages ive ever had! 10/20/15

CH Price-Can't wait for the "move" again-session really worked out the pain & tightness. 9/24/15

Genevieve Ward -Roxanne is great and takes the time to work with your needs each time you visit. I always feel great after I leave and like I really worked the next day. Each time I come back, I see changes in my flexibility with the stretching. She listens well and really knows how to release muscles and fascia effectively. I will definitely continue to come back and work with Roxanne! I would also recommend her to anyone desiring to release the muscles and heal their body! 5/26/15

Kathy Moon- "Very concerned and very informative about ways to help improve my lymphedema. Very compassionate!" 5/05/15

Sue Capps -"Best massage I ever had" 1/16/15

Dan Johnson -"Roxanne is a true professional. I am suffering a minor back injury and she is providing major relief. She and her office are extremely professional and I highly recommend her to anyone needing professional massage therapy." 1/23/15

Carie Gancy - "She was very knowlegable and helpful in getting out the muscle knots in my upper back. Def recommend." 11/03/14

Greg - I've had low back pain for years, been to physical therapists and massage therapists, done tons of stretching with no luck. RJ did a stretch that fixed it in one session. If you have low back pain, come see her." 6/8/14

Ellen Witt - "I haven't ever had massage and active stretching that was SO effective." 4/14/14

Leigh Sharp "I love RJCastille, AL#3036! Definitely book your next appointment here! I cannot say enough about this woman. Her training is continuous, she specializes in sport therapy, Lymphatic drainage therapy is helping me immensely, she is always willing to go out of her way to help me with painful issues I am having. She has taught me Isolated Stretching that stretchemuscles I was not even aware of...TRY HER!"

Michelle Hames "I love RJCastille, AL#3036! Definitely book your next appointment here! She is the greatest. She will find your problem and get you feeling better very quickly. Worst part of the whole appointment is when she says she is done and it is time to leave. Already start missing the heaven that you are in while there. " 9/8/13
Jennifer Stuenkel RJCastille (AL#3036) is a FANTASTIC Massage Therapist! She creates a relaxing atmosphere and adjusts the pressure to your comfort level. I would highly recommend her for anyone who is looking for a kind, professional, and experienced Massage Therapist! " 5/06/13

Sara Solomons "I love RJCastille, AL#3036! Definitely book your next appointment here. She is hands-down the best massage therapist I have found in Birmingham!! I will continue to book massages with her as much as possible. She works with you to figure out exactly what areas are bothering you and goes above and beyond to help stretch those muscles to keep you feeling healthy." 5/26/13

Julie Keitel I love RJCastille, AL#3036! Definitely book your next appointment here!I was on a business trip to Birmingham, suffering with a bad back issue. I googled massage therapists, took a chance on Roxanne. It was an extraordinary experience! She is so knowledgeable, and even spent extra time with me to make sure I learned some stretches to help prevent future back strains. If I return to Birmingham, I will visit her again! 5/20/13

Lindsay Warren RJCastille, AL#3036, is a skilled massage therapist. She brought me almost immediate pain relief. She was thorough and knowledgeable , all while explaining the treatment techniques she was performing. I recommend her without hesitation! 5/12/13

Lynda Radford I love RJCastille, AL#3036! Definitely book your next appointment here!" 4/27/13

Levin Ellertson I love RJCastille, AL#3036! Definitely book your next appointment here!  11/16/12
Nancy Stuenkel I have never offered a comment before on a service that I have used. Many have been wonderful, but writing a recommendation is just not something I usually do. In RJ Castille's case, however, I feel compelled to tell everyone I know about her knowledge, caring attitude and the impressive results she has achieved while working on the multitude issues of pain I have dealt with for years. RJ has been able to isolate specific muscular regions that have had me in tears, and work magic on them through stretching and manipulating them back into place. Before RJ began on my back, I was having to use prescription pain medications to get through many days, and I would literally cry while trying to get comfortable in bed for the night. My back is now pain free, and I am sleeping through the night for the first time in years. I directly attribute my improved health and resolved back issues to RJ Castille. I love RJ Castille! I would recommend you definitely book your next appointment for a Therapeutic Massage, or just the best darn Massage you've ever had, with RJ Castille! 10/29/12
John Cobb Roxanne is wonderful at helping tight-legged runners, etc get through some tough stretches. 10/21/12
Shaun Bridgmon I came in with a weightlifting injury. I pulled my neck muscle somehow. I came in and was treated very well and was given the best massage session I have ever experienced. I highly recommend their services.  9/07/12
Mary Clyde Prichard I have pain from arthiritis in many places. I always feel better after a massage.  6/16/12
L Dingledy Great job!  5/20/12
KARYN BOWEN I highly recommend Roxanne - she is the best massage therapist that I have ever been to.  4/05/12
Jan Roberts Great Massage!  4/05/12 
Joel Radford Roxanne. Just a short note to let you know how much relief I received from your massage treatment. As you know parts of my left side need attention due to a stroke. Your treatment immediately gave me a lot of relief and it lasted for several days. I plan on using your services at least once per month. Thanks again.....Joel  4/05/12
Dawn Brannon -My massage given by Roxanne was extremely relaxing. She was very effective at finding the knots and sore areas. She took away the pain and I am now able to continue working out at the gym. There is no doubt she cares. You should make an appointment today.  2/26/12

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